7 Ways to Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy & Exercise

How to Find The Motivation to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

I’ll admit it. The last month I have lost my motivation to workout and feel myself making unhealthy choices, leaving me feeling lazy, tired and lethargic.  Sound familiar to anyone?

I don’t even have any valid excuses. I just haven’t been feeling in the mood to train and ended up reaching for the chocolate bars (and brownies).

But enough is enough, I need to own up, take charge and get back into the healthy living grove.

Thus I have written this post to share how I plan to regain my motivation. Time to banish the negative mindset…and take action today to get back on track!

How to find motivation to go to the gym.

7 Ways to Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy & Exercise


1.Read Inspiring Books 

Not just relevant for regaining fitness motivation, but also across all aspects of life. I’m currently reading a great book on my kindle, and it’s motivating me to get back into training and clean up my diet. Here’s a handful of books I have found to be motivational:  The Goddess Revolution, Big Magic, Fat Man to Green Man,  Just a Girl Who Got it All. 

 2. Fitness Podcasts 

Another idea, which I find is a great way to fire up my motivation is listening to podcasts. I download a batch and listen to them whilst commuting to work, it makes use of that otherwise wasted (& boring) time, leaving me feeling supercharged for the day ahead.

3. Pinterest Boards

I’m a Pinterest addict! I love nothing more than pinning info graphics and reading quotes. I also use it to plan my workouts and give me idea’s for healthy recipes.

Maintaining Workout Motivation


4. Book a Class (or make a gym date)

A good way to get back into a healthy routine is to rope in your friends! Hit the gym or schedule a class with your workout buddy, not only will you feel great for seeing your friend you’ll be buzzing with endorphin’s after training. Check out my guide for free fitness classes in London.

How I get back to feeling healthy. My healthy hacks.

5.Meal prepping

If I’v had a busy weekend, and not planned and prepped my lunches for the following week I find this make a huge difference to how I feel.

I like to prepare some salads (carbs included – sweet pot is my fav!) and stick with my set routine for lunch/snacks throughout the day. Personally, I like that it takes away the choice as I am super indecisive.  Tupperwear Queen is back!

6. Cut the Booze 

Booze (even in small amounts) makes me so groggy and muggy headed the next day. It also makes me feel anxious, and tired. The result – I look to sugary foods for energy to make me feel better. Its certainly easier said then done, but I’m aiming to cut down on the mid- week wines!

7. Get more sleep Pretty self explanatory! The recurrent cycle of late nights and early mornings, leads to feeling overly tired throughout the day, and usually results in me skipping the gym. I also tend to feel more sensitive and emotional when I’m tired, and find a good nights sleep acts as the reset button. Leading to more energy and clearer thoughts the next day.


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