7 Ways to Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy & Exercise

How to Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy & Exercise

How to Find The Motivation to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

I’ll admit it. The last month I have lost my motivation to workout and feel myself making unhealthy choices, leaving me feeling lazy, tired and lethargic.  Sound familiar to anyone?

I don’t even have any valid excuses. I just haven’t been feeling in the mood to train and ended up reaching for the chocolate bars (and brownies).

But enough is enough, I need to own up, take charge and get back into the healthy living grove.

Thus I have written this post to share how I plan to regain my motivation. Time to banish the negative mindset…and take action today to get back on track!

How to find motivation to go to the gym.

7 Ways to Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy & Exercise


1.Read Inspiring Books 

Not just relevant for regaining fitness motivation, but also across all aspects of life. I’m currently reading a great book on my kindle, and it’s motivating me to get back into training and clean up my diet. Here’s a handful of books I have found to be motivational:  The Goddess Revolution, Big Magic, Fat Man to Green Man,  Just a Girl Who Got it All. 

 2. Fitness Podcasts 

Another idea, which I find is a great way to fire up my motivation is listening to podcasts. I download a batch and listen to them whilst commuting to work, it makes use of that otherwise wasted (& boring) time, leaving me feeling supercharged for the day ahead.

3. Pinterest Boards

I’m a Pinterest addict! I love nothing more than pinning info graphics and reading quotes. I also use it to plan my workouts and give me idea’s for healthy recipes.

Maintaining Workout Motivation


4. Book a Class (or make a gym date)

A good way to get back into a healthy routine is to rope in your friends! Hit the gym or schedule a class with your workout buddy, not only will you feel great for seeing your friend you’ll be buzzing with endorphin’s after training. Check out my guide for free fitness classes in London.

How I get back to feeling healthy. My healthy hacks.

5.Meal prepping

If I’v had a busy weekend, and not planned and prepped my lunches for the following week I find this make a huge difference to how I feel.

I like to prepare some salads (carbs included – sweet pot is my fav!) and stick with my set routine for lunch/snacks throughout the day. Personally, I like that it takes away the choice as I am super indecisive.  Tupperwear Queen is back!

6. Cut the Booze 

Booze (even in small amounts) makes me so groggy and muggy headed the next day. It also makes me feel anxious, and tired. The result – I look to sugary foods for energy to make me feel better. Its certainly easier said then done, but I’m aiming to cut down on the mid- week wines!

7. Get more sleep Pretty self explanatory! The recurrent cycle of late nights and early mornings, leads to feeling overly tired throughout the day, and usually results in me skipping the gym. I also tend to feel more sensitive and emotional when I’m tired, and find a good nights sleep acts as the reset button. Leading to more energy and clearer thoughts the next day.


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10 Things I Learnt Running a Marathon

Tips and Advice on Running Your First Marathon

When I was running regularly (currently a distant memory!), I took the plunge and signed up to run a Marathon. I thought I would write a blog post to reflect on the experience and the things I learnt running  crawling those 26.2 Miles.

Pre Race Smiles

1) Your mind WILL get you the finish. Regardless of how many training miles you put in, ultimately if you’re as strong willed as I am, you will make it to the end.

2) Food is your best friend. I need no excuse to eat extra Harbio, and I certainly ate my way around the marathon. From gels, to mini waffles, sweets to bananas, they all kept my energy levels up and kept me smiling.

3) It’s an emotional roller coaster. One minute you feel on top of the world, with bags of energy, the next your on the verge of tears and fighting to keep moving.

4) The journey is key not the time. Yes we all like to chase numbers, but it really isn’t about the time. It’s about the journey from start to finish, people you meet, things you see and the determination that gets you to the finish line. (3 hours or 30 hours – a marathon is a marathon!)

5) Thighs are made to chaff . Ouch. I should of worn leggings! (was my thought at mile 12). Despite lashings of Body Glide my thighs still managed to chaff.  I had previously tested the anti chaff stick before the big day, but I think the heat and extra distance resulted in painful chaffing. Next time, if there ever is a next time ,I need to carry this with me or wear longer leggings. 

6) I can run without headphones . I only found out just before the race that headphones were banned (due to a road safety) and I instantly went into panic mode. Rather unnecessarily, as I learnt I didn’t need music to keep me motivated. Yes, it would of been a great boost to listen to my beloved dance music, but I learnt I was capable of running without it! Something I would never have believed in previously.

7) It can be painful – I started off great and injury free, but by halfway I had a run in with ITBS making the second half super painful around my knee. This is probably in part my own fault as I left training rather late and had to ramp up the miles over a shorter time frame. To avoid this space out and slowly build training miles. 

8) There is always someone faster/slower/older/younger or worse off. Runners come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Just go at your own pace and (try to) enjoy it.

9) Don’t overthink it. The night before I was worrying about what meal to eat and how it would effect my performance the following day. I opted for the classic pasta dish, but added a glass of wine! Did the wine stop me running the next day – No! Of course be precautious, but the odd tipple of wine or dessert isn’t going to stop you getting to the finish line.

10) You will never want to run again.  I had fallen out of love with running. I had invested so much time in running over the past months that after the marathon I simply didn’t want to run again! I could pursue other sports and interests, and didn’t feel the pressure to run.

However I am slowly feeling the urge to get back running. I would love some advice on how to fall back in love with running.

All comments welcome.

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The Best Free Fitness Classes in London

Here’s my round up of the best FREE fitness classes in London

London’s Best Free Fitness Classes

If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m a fitness addict! I love exploring London’s latest classes, hitting the trendiest gyms or pounding the pavements. Sadly, this often comes at a (ridiculously high!) cost.

However, staying fit doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

Here’s my round up of the best free fitness classes in London. Whether you’re living in London or simply visiting , there are plenty of free London workouts to keep you in shape.

15 Free Fitness Classes in London

  1. Project Awesome  “Free, fun, badass workouts in your City” Set the 6AM alarm, for an awesome early morning workout.
  2. Never Stop London The North Face hosts challenging group workouts, monthly trail runs and climbing session. Be quick, the spaces fill up fast!Free London Fitness Class
  3. Nike Nike offers a selection of running, strength and mobility classes open to all abilities. Often held in the idyllic London parks, this was my go to when I first moved to London.
  4. Adidas  host a jam packed schedule of free classes. Mixed weekly runs, in addition to  women only  events taking place at their East London studio. Not only are classes free, they often collaborate with top brands to offer free snacks, with sessions led by top athletes and influences. Use Facebook messenger to book.
  5. Lululemon offer in store classes and hold inspiring talks. I was lucky enough to grab a spot on a recent talk that included Clean Eating Alice!
  6. Tribe  Aside from tasty training snacks (Check out the Vegan protein – it’s my go to!). Tribe host a range of fun free events.You can get your first Tribe box for only £1 – with my referral link!
  7. Mile27 Super quirky Coffee shop (/bar!) serving as a hub for runners, and hosting free weekly runs. This is top ↑ of my to do list thumbnail_FullSizeRender
  8. Air Conditioned Check out the views from Primrose Hill ⇑ whilst working up a sweat
  9. Reebok FitHub Check out Reebok’s free in store classes.
  10. Sweatshop  You can join a host a weekly Sweatshop runs across London.
  11. New Balance   One of my favourite sportswear brands, offer a weekly run club from there new(ish) flagship store on Oxford Street.
  12. Sweaty Betty   Sweaty Betty free classes include Circuit Training, Yoga and Barre.
  13. WMNRUN   Weekly runs, open to everyone. Connecting and inspiring women across London ⇓ Free womens running club london
  14.  BMF  Why not give this bootcamp class a try – first class is free
  15.  Arcteryxpiccadilly Hosting runs, workshops and talks.

A quick mention to Eventbrite , you can find listings for pop up fitness events and weekly clubs.

Want more? Find out what’s hot in London this month with Lunges and Lycra 

Interested in reading how my first Marathon – Check it out here!

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Do you know a free fitness class in London? If it’s missing from the list let me know.